Sasha Frolova vs. Hedi Stanton: Friendly Fire



An honest conversation about inspiration and intention with Hedi Stanton and Sasha Frolova.


In private conversation with Hedi and Sasha, we discuss the pleasure and freedom and excitement of coming into our careers.

Sasha is in a new show called “Little America”, which debuts next month, based on the director Darya’s life. Her character, Yana, is a Belarusian immigrant, she says, “for a majority of the show I have to speak in Russian. Which I haven’t spoken really since I was 8 years old…”

Hedi is a photographer from New York whose work centralizes a soft sensuality with a biting wit that at times breaks the 4th wall. Her work will be featured in a show called Lux Feminae. Her subjects function, “as a collective, they are connected and animated by something one of my closest friends Barbara said, ‘I have always been a woman and I will always be a girl.’”

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